Ever since the kick-off of the 2016 presidential election, or, at least since the entrance of Donald J. Trump into the race, there has existed a small, hardcore cell of conservative voices who have vociferously and unwaveringly opposed not only Trump’s platform, but his very existence within the GOP itself. This group has been labeled the “Never Trump” crowd, or the “Never Trumpers,” derived from the #NeverTrump movement on Twitter.

The Spartan-like defensive posture of this cadre of conservative thinkers opposing Trump has echoed the ferocity of The 300, who held off the Persian hordes at Thermopylae. They see Trump as potentially catastrophic for the country, not just the GOP, and have steadfastly refused to give up throughout the race. This, despite Trump’s string of primary victories and eventual seizure of the Republican nomination, and despite being out of touch with “the base” of their party, who decisively chose Trump as the nominee.

They have refused to lay down their rhetorical weapons. They fight on to this day.

This moderately sized phalanx of intellectual combatants warned Republicans from the get-go that Trump was not a true conservative, would not govern as such, could not beat Hillary Clinton in the general election, and was, in fact, a charlatan and a fraud. Their attacks have been in some cases merciless, and in some cases, restrained. They are always unrelenting, though. They are not the “soft nay’s” described in The Atlantic’s guide to Republicans opposed to Trump. They are the “hell no’s!”