There is really no such thing as “gear.” These things, this stuff, these gadgets and guns, these cords, boards and gizmos figuratively and literally represent the circumstances of which life is made up of. Nothing more and nothing less.

If we get a new, full suspension, light as hell mountain bike, will we not be on the trail within a day? If we take good care of our gear does it not take good care of us? If we neglect our gear does it not become another piece of clutter and cost? Lets face it. Gear is life and life is gear!

Broken Down Gear

How much “money” in old broken down gear have you lost? I mean lost like if you would have just changed the oil, tightened the screw or patched the hole kind of lost.

How much broken down gear is still taking up space in your world? When you think about going away for the weekend do you begin to stress about getting packed up or do you smile knowing that your kit is ready to go?