The United States boasts not only the largest and most powerful air force in the world, it actually boasts three of them.  If you were to divide the airborne assets employed by the Air Force, Navy, and Army into service for separate nations, each branch would earn a spot on the military power podium; that’s how immense our nation’s aerial combat and combat support capabilities are.

Here in the comfortable security of the United States, we rarely see our nation’s most impressive combat aircraft fly overhead, and when we do, it tends to be quite a spectacle.  Even hardened combat vets often can’t help but stop, look up at a noisy Lancer B-1B bomber overhead, and think out loud, “wow.”  It’s just human nature when faced with something that can carry the equivalent of two school buses worth of ordnance at supersonic speeds.

Today, the U.S. Air Force employs three distinct strategic bombers, each worthy of stopping traffic as they sail overhead, but in a video posted by AvGeekery, you get the chance to see all three, flying almost wingtip to wingtip in an impressive display of America’s airborne might.

Watch the video below to see the B-52H Stratofortress, B-1B Lancer, and B-2A Spirit fly side by side, followed soon thereafter by the previous generation of bombers, two B-29 Superfortress bombers and one B-25 Mitchell.


B-52H Stratofortress


Wingspan: 185 feet (56.4 meters)