Hey there everybody, time for a little ‘did you know.’ Did you know…one of the essential parts of your Team Room membership is our newsletter? It’s true!

Most of you registered for the newsletter when you joined Team Room. Some of you sly folks avoided it altogether. And some of you have actually – gasp! – UNREGISTERED yourselves from our newsletter and are not receiving it.

Ok, we know and we empathize. The LAST thing any of us need is more email. And admittedly, we haven’t been using the newsletter until just recently, but now we’re in full swing and using the it to announce new content, and soon, new features and fun things (like a free Jake Zweig ringtone!). We think you’re really going to want to receive our newsletter.

So if you’re NOT getting the Team Room newsletter, pop over to the newsletter signup form in the sidebar and get registered. It’s quick, easy, and painless. And you’ll get a free Jake Zweig ringtone for signing up! This is the very same ringtone you heard about in our podcasts ‘Benghazi, Drones and Second Amendment.’

(You members who ARE subscribed to the newsletter and want the ringtone – check your email!)