A close friend of my former teammate and best friend, Glen Doherty, is doing the Boston marathon in his honor, and to help raise money for the Glen Doherty Foundation. Sean Lake has also become a good friend of mine after Glen’s passing, and is about as solid as they come. When he asked if I could get the word out about the fundraiser I said the SOFREP community would gladly get behind him, and the cause. Read more below.

1. Sean, can you give our readers a quick break down of when you met Glen and how you guys got to be friends?  Glen and I met on the mean streets of Winchester  Massachusetts back in the 8th grade.  He was friends with my older brother Guy, and they used to torment me as the friend’s kid brother.   After I made it through a brief hazing period we became fast friends sharing in our mutual interest in having crazy adventures and recreating as much as humanly possible.

2. I know Glen always had a soft spot for his home state of Boston, what inspired you to run the Boston marathon in Glen’s honor?  After the shit show  in Benghazi, his sister was looking for a positive way to channel all of the energy we all felt.  She founded the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation which is designed to help returning Spec Ops soldiers acclimate to civilian life through scholarships and recreation.  She ‘gave’ my fiancé Heather and me bibs to run Boston in honor of Glen.    ‘Glen Would Go’ is our informal mantra.  It describes his energy, passion for life, and fearless nature to tackle lifes toughest problem.   He was quite the role model. Its my first marathon, and man, what an honor.

3. What’s the best way for SOFREP readers to help the cause?   If readers want to support an awesome cause and a great hero (though he’d punch me in the arm for calling him that) they can go to my donation page and/or the Glen Doherty Memorial website.   And thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read about a true American hero!



Photo: Sean on the left with the man that needs no introduction. 

Sean was more than one of Glen’s closest friends, and what few people know is that Glen also picked Sean to be the steward of his entire estate. Few people understand what a challenging thing this is, I’ve seen it first hand, and after seeing Sean in action it’s obvious why Glen made that decision.