The family and estate of Glen Doherty, former Navy SEAL and CIA GRS contractor, has filed suit against Rutherford Financial & Insurance (the exclusive insurer of the CIA), the State Department,  and the Central Intelligence Agency, seeking $1 million for wrongful death. They’re forced to file the lawsuit now in order to avoid dismissal of the case based on a statute of limitations—incredibly, there’s a time limit on paying out death benefits.

From the San Diego UT:

Now, the plaintiffs said, Rutherford is refusing to pay a death benefit because Doherty didn’t have a spouse or child.

The claim and insurance lawsuit are being headed by his mother, Barbara Doherty of Massachusetts, who said she wants to “make sure no other American family is similarly impacted.”

“Two years after the Benghazi attack, our family has not received the symbolic justice all families of such American heroes deserve,” she said in a statement. “Our family has been told that no death benefit can be paid, even though our son and brother took out the required insurance. No other family of those slain in Benghazi has received this treatment. Despite the family’s repeated efforts to engage the administration, Congress and insurance companies, no action has been taken. Reluctantly, our family is now proceeding to pursue those legal avenues open to us.”

Barbara Doherty’s claim seeks $1 million for wrongful death. The executor and beneficiary of Doherty’s estate, his former roommate Sean Lake, filed a separate claim seeking $1 million plus $3,150 representing personal property destroyed when Doherty died in a mortar attack on the roof of the diplomatic outpost.

– San Diego Union Tribune Reports