The U.S. Navy officially transferred four Mark V Special Operations Craft (MK V SOC) to the Hellenic Navy last week.

The four boats, which have been assigned to the Hellenic Navy’s Underwater Demolition Teams/Navy SEALs (ΜΥΚ), will have to undergo maintenance and refitting before they can requalify as operational.

The MK V SOC packs two MTU 12V396 diesel engines and two Kamewa 50-511 waterjets. The combined power of the diesel engines and waterjets allows the MK V SOC to reach speeds close to 60 miles/hour (around 50 knots); the craft has an operational range of close to 600 miles.

As far as weaponry goes, the MK V SOC packs a heavy load indeed. It can carry an assortment of weapons, including the M2 .50 caliber machine gun, M240 machine gun, M134 minigun, and MK19 40mm grenade launcher. In addition, it can launch remotely piloted aircraft (RPA).