Michael Taylor, a former Green Beret, and his son Peter could be extradited to Japan to face criminal charges for helping former auto titan Carlos Ghosn flee the country in December 2019. Ghosn is the former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman. He was awaiting trial on financial misconduct charges.

According to court documents, the two men allegedly hid Ghosn in a shipping case drilled with air holes and smuggled him out of Japan on a chartered jet.

The men’s lawyers said the State Department has informed them that it would approve Japan’s extradition request. As per its policy on pending extradition requests, the State Department offered no comment.

Nevertheless, a federal judge has intervened to block their immediate extradition letting them stay in Massachusetts.

The two men were arrested in Massachusetts on May 2o. Investigators are still seeking George-Antoine Zayek, a Lebanese-born colleague of Taylor.

Over the years, Taylor had been hired by parents to rescue abducted children. He had gone undercover for the FBI to sting a Massachusetts drug gang. He had also worked as a military contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan, an assignment that landed him in a Utah jail in a federal fraud case.

Taylor has “gotten himself involved in situations that most people would never even think of, dangerous situations, but for all the right reasons,” Paul Kelly, a former federal prosecutor in Boston, who has known the security consultant since the early 1990s, had said earlier this year.

“Was I surprised when I read the story that he may have been involved in what took place in Japan? No, not at all.”