I’ve been on the ground for three days in Poland with Drago. We’re visiting with friends, discussing some business with the Polish company Helikon, and at the tail end of this week we’ve been helping some GROM friends teach a class with the training company “DEFENDU” in Poznan.

Training outside of Poznan

Training outside of Poznan

Wroclaw at night

Wroclaw at night

To be honest, the training market in the US is flooded, and running Force 12 with my business partners is a much better quality of life for me. Outside of the few private classes each year (Please don’t ask, I charge a ridiculous amount for these), I’m done.


SOFREP Indie Short Documentary: The GROM of Poland

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Admittedly, it feels good to pass on some of my knowledge to the military, and police units of Poland.

Through the release of my memoir in Poland in April this year, the press interviews, meeting many of the people, and my friendship with the GROM, this country has found a special place within me.

Once you take time to understand the history of Poland, you realize what an amazing country it is. The people are some of the finest human beings on the planet, and culturally they’ve endured great hardship throughout history, and have come out on top each time.

If you ever have a chance to visit Warsaw, visit the Uprising museum, I went last April, and it was one of the best historical museums I’ve been to.

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