Update: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the founders were former Public Affairs Officers. I have been in contact with MUSA management and they have informed me that none of their consultants were SEALs involved with the recent NSW Non Judicial Punishment (NJP). I had another source who claimed MUSA involvement but I have no reason not to believe them based on recent dialog. With that said, I owe them an apology.  I’ve updated the information below and will include updated statements if/when they come in. 

From MUSA MGMT:We confirmed w our former client (have the written correspondence to prove it) and he let us know that none of the 7 came through us. We actually have no idea which entity made the coordination to bring those guys on.”

Brandon, Editor

The Grey Area: Why SEALs, & Other SOF Guys Secretly Consult

It’s a catchy headline for CBS to claim SEALs are giving away secrets but, they obviously don’t have the big picture or understand the internal politics.

If you serve or have served, you know that  if guys were caught on active duty giving away real secrets they’d be facing Court Martial and harsher consequences then forfeiting a few months pay.  From what I hear the guys didn’t even lose rank, and this leads me to believe that the only rules broken were the the silent un-written ones that live in the cultural grey area. The insider leak to CBS also smells like continued fallout from the publishing of the book No Easy Day and all associated with its author Matt Bissonette.


I’ve seen the videos, they admitted delve lightly into TTP’s but, in my opinion the movie Act of Valor, and most SOCOM sponsored documentaries give away more capabilities than these game videos. Should active duty guys be allowed to consult? Read on…

From the MOH website: