When you read about selection processes around the world, you can probably say they are all similar, but anyone who actually experienced it has his own, unique story, full of pain, sweat and probably tears.

The difference about GROM selection is that we believe is happens every day and never ends.

Initially, the selection process for candidates who wanted to join GROM was based on English SAS selection. Slowly with time, it had changed based on experience and Polish character. One thing has not changed, though. It is still and always will be bloody hard.

The selection takes place twice a year, early Spring or late Fall.

The place of the event is special. During one training with SAS operators, English described it as “Polish fucking jungle.” They were talking about Bieszczady of course – Polish mountains.

They are not very high, but there is something magical and unspoiled that makes them unique in Europe, with an amazing history.

GROM: Selection Happens Every Day and It Never Ends

The fights between the Ukrainian partisan army (UIA – Ukraine Insurgent Army) and the new Polish communist government continued despite the end of the World War II. In order to cut off the army from the support of local people, the majority of the inhabitants of that region were displaced, leaving the few that stayed put to their own devices. Even today, the region is isolated, remote, unspoiled and scarcely populated. Bieszczady are situated in the eastern part of the country, close to Ukraine and Slovakia. The amount of rain is rather high, which makes the local flora as wild as in a jungle.