June 13, 2014 was a very special day for GROM soldiers. Exactly 24 years ago, the government of then Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki made a decision to create a new, better, and  special unit. Very few suspected at that time that a creation of a new elite had started.

Founders of GROM, with General Slawomir Petelicki in charge, did not waste the opportunity to create a new quality – a unit with Western, modern standards of trainings. The rigid discipline and deeply-rooted hazing were dropped. The farce was replaced with a professional attitude to work, training and comradeships that, with time, created true brothers in arms.

On this day, GROM turned 24. During all these years the training system and equipment of its operators has changed, obviously. But the unit is not only brick and mortar, or the equipment, but people. All its soldiers are focused on their work and determined to do it as good as they possibly can. They are all professionals and this is what has not changed since the very beginning.

13th June is a special day for us and out friends and for everyone for whom the unit is an important part of their lives. Not only the soldiers celebrate, but also civilian army personnel. It’s a time when many generations meet and everybody is welcome, including retired soldiers such as myself. We had a chance to shake hands with our successors and together honor our late friends.

The biggest honor to everybody was the presence of the Second World War veterans, including our patrons Cichociemni (The Silent and Unseen), Home Army soldiers. An important, or maybe even the most important, moment of the day was placing a wreath at the Cichociemni monument. GROM soldiers know very well that they wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for the sacrifice of the World War II heroes.

GROM Turns 24

The event was also a good moment to decorate soldiers and civilians with medals and honors. For a GROM soldier, “Gromik” – a badge that is given by the Honor Council of GROM – is probably the most valuable. Not only soldiers receive it. In this way GROM can thank others, civilians for their work to promote the unit and to contribute to its development.

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