CANCUN, Mexico- At a nightclub in Playa del Carmen, a gunman killed at least five people and wounded several others as they were waiting in line to get into the Blue Parrot Club. According to Fox News, the shooting occurred at 2:30 am local time during the last day of the BPM Festival, which is a ten-day electronic music festival. Three people were detained shortly after the shooting but it has not been confirmed if they were involved. Many of those killed and wounded were foreign tourists.

“Among the dead are four men and a woman, including two people who were part of a security team, authorities said. The woman died from a fall in the incident.

The state’s attorney general, Miguel Angel Pech Cen, announced in a press conference that four of those who died are from other countries — two from Canada, one from Italy and one who is “apparently” from Colombia.

Among the wounded are two Americans, one from New York and the other from Texas. Both are among the eight discharged from treatment so far.”- ABC News

Below, you can see a statement from the BPM Festival organizers and a video that captured the moments directly after the attack.

Image courtesy of AP