Hollywood gets many things wrong with its portrayal of guns in movies; yet, it also gets some things right. So, this Navy SEAL has decided to share some of his favorite scenes with guns in movies.

But first, here’s my list of dos and please-don’ts which affected my choices:

  • Guns fire should fire the correct (or at least a believable) amount of bullets. Most handguns have 10 round magazines and there’s a reason they call revolvers “six-shooters!” Even in Legend of Zelda, your ammo runs out! As George’s dad from Seinfeld would say, “Get it together people!”
  • No sweeping each other with loaded guns! It’s police and military 101 to not point a loaded gun at something unless you are going to pull the damn trigger. Sloppy gun handling is like Bernie Sanders at a Trump rally, it’s just all sorts of wrong.
  • Gun noises are awesome, especially the sound of a shotgun or semi-auto Sig Sauer 9mm chambering a round, as is the smoking barrel whir of an empty machine gun in the Predator (what an awesome movie)!
  • Instinctive fire is a real thing but — and a big but at that — who agrees with me that the Compton gangster sideways shooting is just not an effective means of hitting your target? Can I get an amen? Thank you.
  • Two-handgun shooting is just not effective, although it looks pretty f***ing cool in The Matrix. However, in most cases, this two-handgun shooting is just silly.

OK, my Top 10 favorite scenes with guns in movies.

Enjoy and please link yours below in the comments.



Who doesn’t love a good mini-gun scene and this is one of the best. And can we take a moment of silence for having Arnold, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Bill “Mac” Duke, and Carl Weathers all in the same movie shooting guns? GOD Damn, son! Send it!