In case you missed this the first time around….

Terrorist and other high value criminals aren’t as dumb as they look! Don’t get me wrong – they aren’t smart either – they fall somewhere between a rock and a goat (which happens to be their best friend on a lonely night).

Unfortunately, over time – even dumb people learn a thing or two.

These guys have become pretty creative over the past decade or so on how to communicate without detection or compromise. Most of the time, their advancements in technology and/or creativity are a direct response to some news breaking story about the technology or techniques used to catch them – very irritating to say the least!

HAMAS Covert Communication Techniques

So, I figure we should turn the tables and start exposing their techniques and technologies used to communicate covertly – ultimately exposing them! So let’s get started with some of Hamas’ not-so-secret communication techniques.


The Courier

The use of a courier has been around longer than pigeons. UBL had a courier – the best courier in the business, but look where that got his handler – dead, bagged, and keelhauled – somebody call PETA – fish deserve better!

Using a courier is a fairly simple technique utilizing a trusted source or asset to transport and deliver a message. This is not a very secure way of passing sensitive information for obvious reasons – mostly human error. Here are just some reasons why couriers are not a good idea: