I might have mentioned this before here on SOFREP… for those who haven’t heard it, I’ll be sure to say it again: camping in South Florida can really suck. This part of the country is like the Amazon, Africa, or Australia. A good part of South Florida is double canopy jungle and is the only sub-tropical environment in the continental United States. There are things here that will actually try to kill you. They work hard at it. The ground is always wet. Even the plants can be nasty. The most poisonous snakes in North America, are found in South Florida. Bird-sized mosquitoes that will carry you away. And of course, alligators, crocodiles, and even panthers. Sleeping on the ground is not always the best option. If you are like me, you want to enjoy the outdoors, hike, explore, and camp anyway — regardless of the terrain. For people like us, fortunately, the outdoor industry has provided Haven Tents. Specifically, the hammock tent.

If you want to be outside in Florida, you go east to the ocean, or west to the swamps. It’s one or the other. Any other place with swamps, wet ground, or creepy-crawly things that you don’t want to share a sleeping bag with, are great places to have a hammock tent, as well. That means, pretty much anywhere in the Southeast United States. The point is, it’s not quite like camping in the amazing outdoors in Utah, Colorado, Montana, or Vermont. Of course, they also have things, too, that you don’t want in your tents. Plus, in the snow, the ground is also kinda cold. They have an answer for that, too.


A New Location for a Haven Hammock Tent Evaluation

All joking aside, South Florida has its own natural beauty in its own way. The swamps, pine forest, cedar hammocks, and mangroves, can be pretty, relaxing, and interesting, as well. A hammock tent is perfect for any and all of these kinds of considerations. I have used other hammock tents in the past. In fact, I already own a hammock tent from another brand. For all the same reasons I mentioned above, in the vast majority of cases, sleeping above the ground in this region is preferable. Especially in the warmer months. Which to be accurate, is about three-fourths of the entire year.