This is for the young troops heading to Spec Ops Selection. It doesn’t matter if it is for the Ranger Regiment, Air Force Special Operations, Navy SEAL or SFAS. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Nobody does everything perfectly, well some very rare guys do, but even they started from somewhere. 

When preparing for Special Operations, and I’ve seen this countless times, guys tend to stick to things they do well and pay less attention to things they don’t do so well. They’re not ignoring them per se, but like most people, no one likes doing anything where they feel they’ll look foolish. 

This speaks to breaking out of our comfort zone. I wrote about this on about a year ago. Falling into this trap can lead to stagnation both personally and professionally. We have to fight that to reach our goals. 

Here’s a quick question for everyone, answer it to yourself and be truthful: When you are working out do you have a favorite exercise that you like to work into your routine all the time? Why? No doubt because you are good at it.