Some context on the situation in Syria.

Earlier this week, the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) has recaptured a town in northwestern Syria after heavy fighting with government troops. The Turkish-backed Syrian rebels have retaken the town of Nairab in northwest Syria’s Idlib province with the support of the Turkish military. This was the first area to be taken back from Syrian government forces since Assad’s forces began their offensive in the province.

Nairab is considered a gateway to the strategic town of Saraqeb, which lies close to a junction between two major highways. Saraqeb is where the main north-south highway linking the Syrian capital of Damascus and Aleppo meets the road west to the Mediterranean Sea.

Yusef Hamoud, a spokesman for the Turkey-backed National Army, said to the media: “With the help of our Turkish friends, we have regained control of the strategic town of Nairab, the gateway of Saraqeb, after expelling the terrorist Russian militias.” Turkish officials confirmed that they had supported the attack with artillery and bomb-disposal units helping to clear the town.