Hillary may want to hang on to her orange jumpsuit, it might come in handy pretty soon. The FBI is investigating her for not only for leaking classified information but for corruption as well. The corruption allegations are mounting against Hillary Clinton. According to an unnamed source, “The (FBI) agents are investigating the possible intersection of Clinton Foundation donations, the dispensation of State Department contracts and whether regular processes were followed,” (Catherine Herridge, 2016) It sounds like it was a nice and illegal quid pro quo set up, if someone donated a large amount of money to her foundation, they could probably get weapons deals or federal aid for their country.

Hillary Clinton’s mismanagement of classified information is astonishingly negligent and even criminal. The information in the emails is still being mulled over by the FBI. However, reports have indicated that there are at least 22 emails so far with top secret special access information. For those that are not in the intelligence world, top secret special access information is restricted on a need to know basis. There are non-disclosure agreements and by name access rosters for this information. If leaked, this type of information could have grave consequences and compromise our national security. Not only can it tell our enemies our capability and tactics (with all our intelligence disciplines) but it can also result in the deaths of foreign sources and U.S. handlers (within the human intelligence realm). Recent reports confirmed that some of her emails contained human intelligence and satellite footage. Our enemies could adjust their tactics in response to this information, which may result in more U.S. deaths. Each email could carry serious repercussions to include 10 years in jail per event. Intelligence leaks such as these can be prosecuted for espionage and possession of stolen government property.

The level of Clinton’s blatant disregard and disrespect for our clandestine methods of gaining intelligence in order to keep our country safe is shocking for someone who is running for President of the United States. What happens if she ever does become our Commander in Chief? She will more than likely continue to put our military and intelligence community at risk of losing their lives because she is inconvenienced with classified markings. Most of the media is failing to tell you that lives are attached to the end of those human intelligence reports!

The FBI will have to show some true grit in bringing her down. Clinton seems to be one of the untouchables. Supposedly there are now more than 100 FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton. (Napolitano, 2016) Will that be enough manpower to move the investigation along before she can potentially be elected? Her campaign will likely throw up roadblocks to deter the investigation. The State Department has already delayed releasing the e-mails several times already. There are a lot of powerful people and organizations like Goldman Sachs behind her campaign. Don’t be surprised if FBI doesn’t indict her at all!


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