In our modern world full of seemingly countless potential threats, the idea of “prepping” for a disaster has become increasingly commonplace among even the most unplugged of Americans. Whether it is Iran’s and North Korea’s steady progress toward operational nuclear weapons, growing concerns about China and Russia, or even domestic fears about terrorism, economic collapse, or viral pandemic — there’s no shortage of reasons to worry about tomorrow. In the minds of some, that’s a good enough reason to start taking extraordinary precautions today.

While most of us may feel a bit better by simply storing some drinking water and emergency rations in our basements (good for a hurricane or an apocalypse), those with the means have begun purchasing large facilities, luxury bunkers, and of course, decommissioned military installations that were built specifically to be able to survive the worst that humanity could throw at them. Of course, these facilities tend to go for quite a bit of money, seeing as Uncle Sam invested so heavily in their construction — but now there’s a chance for the (upper) middle class to get in on the action. A decommissioned Titan II ICBM Silo in Arizona has officially hit the market for around the same price as a parking spot in San Fransisco (or a large home in the Atlanta suburbs). The property has been listed by a firm called Luxe Realty in Catalina, Arizona, and might be a real steal compared to similar silos that have sold in recent years.

Of course… it looks a bit rougher than this now. This property is what you might call a “fixer upper.”

” This property was once one of the most top secret of government assets and is now ready to fulfill a new mission. That mission is for you to define amongst the limitless scenarios. Secure storage facility? Underground bunker? Remarkable residence – literally living down under? The property is situated on a 12 + acre parcel with boundless views. Private yet not too remote,” the listing reads.