Disclaimer: I’m not a Hillary fan; she is largely responsible for my best friend’s death in Benghazi, so I’m admittedly biased.

I could have forgiven her for Benghazi; bad things happen to good people in bad places. However, she took zero responsibility and held nobody accountable at State. If anything, she aggressively dodged all responsibility. To this day, the family of Glen Doherty has received no compensation for a memorial service; his friends and I picked up that tab. The family is suing for exactly what the insurance policy should have paid out—$1M dollars—and nothing more.

Former Navy SEAL and CIA GRS contractor Glen Doherty. SEAL Team 3 GOLF platoon.

We have an acronym in the military when something is unsatisfactory: We call it “UNSAT.” Hillary gets an UNSAT from me. She’s a boss, not a leader. Leaders take responsibility when they screw up, and a boss places blame on others and piles up bodies in their climb to the top.

Anyone with a Secret or Top Secret clearance knows you are prohibited from sharing classified information on non-secure email. Hillary is extremely intelligent and knows this, but apparently she’s gotten comfortable making up her own rules as she goes. If I or any of my former SOF teammates had done this, we’d have been punished, busted down in rank, kicked out of our units, and our clearances would have been pulled immediately.

In SOF, we practice exemplary leadership. We lead by example.

Benghazi will continue to keep Mrs. Clinton up in the dark of night, as it should. She made her bed and she has the blood of four great Americans on her hands.

I’m all about a woman president, just not Hillary. Sorry, Mrs. Clinton, we don’t need more bosses in D.C. We need real leaders.