In the backdrop of the lightning military campaign by Azerbaijan against the remaining Armenian militias of Karabakh, reports of potential massacres have surfaced. Despite stating peaceful reintegration of Karabakh Armenians could ensue under Azerbaijani authority, Baku’s state-sanctioned policies and actions by their military show the complete opposite.

For several years, numerous beheadings, executions, and sexual assaults against Armenian POWs and civilians have been documented, with Azerbaijani leadership sponsoring such actions. The world is in its darkest hour, which has been repeated throughout history—where widespread massacres and cases of genocide have been identified, yet the international community fails to act.

Deteriorating Situation in Karabakh

Before 2023, Azerbaijan regained control over most of the Karabakh region in a war that redefined conventional drone warfare. After forcing Armenia to capitulate, Azerbaijan and Russia created a Trilateral Agreement to reintegrate the entire conflicted region.