Steven Eckel had just finished saving a baby that had been left behind in a hot car. Word spread of his heroic deed, and HLN (sister network to CNN) came calling for an interview. Like every other cable news network, they rerun their programming all day long. In the first airing of his interview, Eckel can be seen wearing a blue “Trump 2016” T-shirt. However, in subsequent re-airs, the logo was blurred. Blurring is usually reserved for four-letter words, nudity, and those who prefer to lurk in the shadows of anonymity.

Thanks goes to the Daily Caller, who noticed the error and produced screen grabs and video from the incident.

On Tuesday, Steven Eckel, 53, rescued a 4-month old baby from the back of a hot, locked car by breaking a window the vehicle to remove the child. The baby was found in a Nissan Sentra in the parking lot of a Kohl’s clothing store in Monmouth County, NJ. The outside temperature was in the upper 80s. Eckel and another bystander, Sarah Mazzone, were alerted by the baby’s cries.

The baby’s mother has since been charged with endangering the welfare of her child.

CNN and HLN present themselves as politically unbiased new outlets.

The Washington Post ran a short story on the network admitting they “screwed up” by blurring the shirt.

The blatant attempt by the media to censor what reaches viewers seems to fall into a category quite distant from “news.”

Image courtesy: HLN via Youtube screen grab