Inconvenient fact: If you peel back the onion and focus on the facts, you will see that the most vocal military veterans on the internet, the ones who scream the loudest, triggered by their own insecurities as they fall into full Budweiser induced retard mode, likely didn’t serve so well. And some didn’t serve at all!

Military professionals who transition well, build their fellow veterans up. They realize that exemplary behavior brings honor to the veteran community at large. Anyone who does differently should be viewed with caution.

So be careful who you look up to on social media because we all become what we surround ourselves with.

Lecture over. Onto Memorial Day.

Since the 9/11 attacks over 50,000 U.S. service members and contractors have been wounded in combat and over 6,000 have died according to the Department of Defense. Memorial Day is meant to honor those who gave all.

On this Memorial Day we are going to remember the three Green Berets and one support soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice in Niger in 2017.

But first, we have to explain the significance of Niger and one of the most controversial posts we’ve made on this site.

On March 4, I woke up early. I grabbed a work out and shower, sat down at my computer and found that my inbox and social media feeds were on fire.