So it seems that the Indian Army’s 21 Para Special Forces commando raid into Myanmar to hunt militants has set off alarm bells in the region, mostly because of the message the Indian government intended to send. The unit was sent across the border partially at the behest of the Burmese government and in response to a June 4 ambush on Indian troops in the area of Chandel, which killed 20.

The retaliatory raid was conducted on June 9, and resulted in at least 20 dead and many more wounded. The militant camp was said to have housed a mix of anti-government fighters, including NSCN(K) militants and those from other groups such as the PLA (People’s Liberation Army of Manipur), UNLF (United National Liberation Front) and the MNRF (Manipur Naga Revolutionary Front). The Indian government has lauded the raid as a success, and hinted that they would continue such “hot pursuit” operations in the fight against future enemies.

According to Minister of State Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, those incursions could very well include incursions into Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and beyond, if deemed necessary. In response, Pakistan has taken a stance to the effect of, “We are not Myanmar.” (In other words, “Try that crap here and see what happens.”)

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