Leonardo da Vinci was a renowned artist, engineer, and scientist of the Renaissance era. He was known for his interest in innovation and inventions, including a wide variety of war machines and defensive structures. If he were alive today, with access to modern technology, materials, and scientific understanding, it’s fascinating to imagine what kinds of weapons or defensive systems he might conceive. Of course, it’s important to note that da Vinci had a deep appreciation for life and a keen interest in the natural world, so his inventions might lean towards defensive measures or non-lethal weapons.

da Vinci with a gun
Twenty-first century Leo would have probably been an operator. He also might have been on Duck Dynasty. Original art by SOFREP.

Advanced Drones: Building upon his designs for the ornithopter (a flying machine inspired by birds), da Vinci might create advanced drones for surveillance or defense. These could incorporate AI and machine learning for autonomous operation.

DaVinci Drone


Energy Shields: Da Vinci had designs for fortifications and protective structures. With today’s technology, he might conceive of an energy shield or force field to protect buildings, cities, or military bases from various threats.

Biological and Chemical Sensors: Da Vinci was also a pioneer in the study of anatomy and chemistry. He could use this knowledge to create highly sensitive sensors for detecting biological or chemical threats in a battlefield or urban environment.

Robotic Soldiers: Given da Vinci’s fascination with the mechanics of the human body (he created plans for a robot-like armored knight), it’s plausible that he would be interested in the creation of robotic soldiers or exoskeletons that could protect human soldiers from harm.

Da Vinci robots