It came to be on a particular weekend that we had ourselves a minor rescue and recovery operation of American military personnel on our hands. It seemed the kids upstairs, as we called them, missed their bedtime and needed someone to find them and tuck them back in.

Our safe house outside of Capajebo was three stories high. We occupied the bottom and second floor, and the top floor was used by some young JSOC communications soldiers — computer nerds — with no authority figure. They seem fairly self-sufficient up there as we never saw them other than on the rare occasion coming or going on the stairs.

I don’t think they even had a dedicated vehicle at their disposal. “They must have had blinding Internet speed up there,” is the only reason I could think of that could keep them up there. Why WE couldn’t seem to get more than 1400 bps on our second floor was beyond me. I supposed that they simply couldn’t spare the bandwidth topside lest they lose some of their streaming video capability.