Editor’s Note: Geo first banged out this piece in the early days of the pandemic, whose cause shall not be named. The facts contained herein are universal and hold true today. – GDM

Isolation is a frightening prospect for a lot of us. True isolation — total isolation from all social interaction and deprivation of sensory stimulus, sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste — is something that few have experienced. Such isolation is quite matter-of-factly terrifying and even maddening to most. True isolation is NOT hunkering down in your apartment and binge-watching Netflix while stuffing your pie hole full of Cheetos.

No, true isolation is hardly experienced by our society’s general population. Solitary confinement is the most severe level of isolation and should not be confused with the simple isolation that most Americans are in due to the world health crisis at hand. To maintain perspective, the prospect of isolation sounds pretty innocuous to me, and I can say that we could do much worse.