Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was met with stiff resistance by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Supplemented by large quantities of military aid from America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South Korea, Ukraine has reversed initial Russian military gains, scoring significant victories in Kharkiv and Kherson.

Late 2023 saw a tactical standstill, as Ukraine’s summer offensive didn’t achieve the intimate objectives Kyiv wanted, and Russia’s military suffered significant losses in personnel and Moscow’s prized Black Sea Fleet.

Nevertheless, Ukraine’s military aid is uncertain due to internal political conflicts in the U.S. stemming from the much anticipated 2024 Presidential Election.

While Europe and Asia have stepped up military aid, America has slowly faltered, bringing fears that Washington could become an unreliable ally, giving the U.S. a humiliating global geopolitical loss akin to the end of the Vietnam War.

Uncertainty of U.S. Foreign Aid

In late 2023, House Republicans stated funds for Ukraine would have to be tied to the ongoing border crisis and standoff, as the GOP feels Democrats have not done enough to secure the border.

Democrats and POTUS, in return, stated the standoff is for political gain, but the President has made concessions in return for reopening foreign aid. According to a Harvard-Harris Poll, military support remains high in the U.S. despite years of disinformation and backdoor politicking.

Ukraine expended a plethora of artillery and ammunition during their summer offensive, as they were without adequate supplies of Western jets. This was not due until this upcoming spring when the Ukrainian Army had to maneuver minefields in a grind fest.