You don’t need a lot of specialized knowledge to clean a Glock. But you do need to know how to clean a dirty Glock 17 slide—and not just in general, but specifically for your Glock 17.

There are many different variations of the Glock pistol. The standard ones that most people think of have a rough textured finish on the slide, grip, and other components. These guns are so easy to handle and maintain that they are often used by police departments, security companies, and even hunters who want an easily concealable rifle that is easy to load, clear, and reload.

What is the best way to clean a dirty Glock 17 slide?

There are three main methods for cleaning any Glock:

  • With a cleaner/solvent like Hoppes.
  • With a degreaser like Break Clean.
  • With a vinegar/water solution.

The solvents and degreasers are much more aggressive than the vinegar solution, so they will generally do a better job of cleaning the gun. However, they are also much more likely to strip some of the coatings of your Glock. The vinegar solution is less likely to damage the coating, but it’s not as effective at cleaning the gun. So, to summarize: the solvents and degreasers are better at cleaning the gun, and the vinegar is better at protecting the gun.