In one week I made $20,000 dollars. 

Tossing and turning I ignored the blaring of my phone. But, after a few minutes, I repented. Drearily rolled out of bed. A call from dad. Better pick that up. 

On any normal day, my dad is a 7 a.m. sharp, creaseless bed making, coffee brewing, breakfast cooking, slamming yoga, one hundred pushups, five-minute showering, and straight on a business call before the clock strikes 7:59 kind of guy. So no surprise he calls me at such an ungodly early time on a weekend. But I love our calls. He captures the efficiency of a military debrief without losing the warm edge of being my dad as we catch up. Fifteen minutes, in and out. 

On the agenda today, a task. 

A friend told him about a new crypto-startup called Bitclout which had grown from one dollar to $50 in a few weeks. That’s insanity. And my dad wanted in. However, he wasn’t as familiar with the complexities of crypto wallets, exchange rates, and transaction fees to get his money into it with the least cost and as fast as possible. That’s where I come in. 

Blitz out a shower, throw on some clean clothes, down a protein bar, and get to work. I had invested a few hundred dollars of birthday money in crypto-currency a few months earlier and made $500 dollars. And the few months of experience was fantastic to explore the crypto-ecosystem of trading. 

So, I had $25,000 from him sitting in my bank account and I got to work.

At the time you could only purchase Bitclout with Bitcoin. So I needed a crypto-wallet.