The CIA isn’t known for sharing its secrets with anyone, let alone the public.  As such, the contents of an old Office of Strategic Services field manual aren’t something to be missed.

As SOFREP has covered previously, the days of the OSS were the glory days where espionage, sabotage, and war-fighting all converged under the banner of “Wild Bill” Donovan and the Allied fight against the Nazis during World War II, with resounding success.

The OSS, predecessor to the CIA, is often seen as the golden child of US intelligence operations, where innovative and unconventional organic solutions far outweighed the massive bureaucracy that plagues the US intelligence community today.

Enter the OSS’s timeless field manual for successful sabotage, which lists out various ways the OSS, Jedburghs, and Allies defeated their enemies: the Simple Sabotage Field Manual.

“Timeless Tips for Simple Sabotage”

OSS jumpers, courtesy of CIA