Physical fitness and selection are one in the same. I wrote before about the mental component, maybe the most important. It’s still nothing without a base. The base is physical fitness.

Let me demystify selection. Because it’s similar to joining a sports team. Except this team is both all-encompassing and niche at the same time. It’s good and bad for you. I’m going to use colorful and maybe gratuitous language in the sentence after this one. But it’s key to making it in the military. Don’t be a pussy.

Don’t do it – just don’t. Whatever fear you got – use it to your advantage. Even if you’ve got your tail between your legs – if you continue to take steps forward, no one will question it. I was terrified the first time I did a static airborne jump.  It miserable and a relief when the chute opened. When you’re selected, you’ll be relieved.

But, it is going suck. You won’t be walking right for a little while. My feet were badly infected. I think I took antibiotics at the end. Because I still don’t know what they were and I went on to become an 18D. You don’t leave anything on the field, it’ll be a blur, but it’ll be worth it.