Editor’s Note: In anticipation of George Hand’s triumphant return to SOFREP, we are revisiting this piece from the archives. Lots of good stuff in here. Enjoy! –GDM


Rona has a slew of folks rethinking their home security. During times of crisis, it is human nature to pull in and harden our security perimeters. People who have children, spouses, BFFs… and people who are human all become stalwart aficionados of their personal well-being and that of their loved ones — shame on our passion; all of us!

I do in no way ever presume to delineate responsibility roles to genders. Gone are the times when during a crisis the men would run outside and start hammering planks over doors and windows, while the women stayed inside canning produce. Women today are getting frogish and taking charge; men are trending to gummy bear frappucinos, boy hair-buns, and shopping online for skinny jeans. Women, don’t take notes for your “men;” get on this yourselves!

My writing task, as assigned by my monstrously cruel and overbearing supervisor Stavros Atlamazoglou, is to plainly describe the defensive security measures I have in place in my own home. My First Daughter and I have been living in this house since mid-December of just last year — so not quite five months.

What follows is a virtual tour of my security config; please excuse the mess!

Still trying to get organized from the move… (Courtesy of author)

I mentioned “hardening” home security. What gauges whether a house is hard or soft? I do. I’m the one who is calling a home security configuration hard, medium, or soft soles-ly based on my druthers as well as my experience with protecting myself against adversaries. I’m not calling my house ‘hardened’ security. I reference Ft. Knox, the Alamo, and Omaha Beach for hardened security.

Soft security? I would call a tiki hut, birthday bouncy house, or a picnic pavilion soft security. So, I assess that mine is a solid security configuration that gives me peace of mind in an environment that I deem currently to be condition yellow — we’re all not gonna die just yet.