True story: When I was a young E-4 (Petty Officer 3rd Class) I found a loophole in my first credit “NEX” card. For the readers who wished they joined a real branch of service, i.e. the navy, the NEX card was for our base exchange.

The loophole? I could buy something on credit (I think my credit line was $800!) and return it new in the package for cash the same day! Instant Pay Day loan on the NEX! Woohoo!

The problem in America is that good education about personal finance is not provided. That is a shame because there are a lot of predatory loan companies (insert Pay day loan company here). Buy a car? Just finance it! You end up paying three-four times more what the car would cost if you had just paid cash and bought it used instead.

My oldest son runs this real estate investment property for the family; I started teaching him when he was 17. We’re in self-storage and he’s done it all for us: business filings, running our Quickbooks (look it up), providing customer service, building websites, performing SEO, switching customers from mailing checks to online payments, and more.

I am really proud of him. I remember him saying to me when he first started, “Why don’t they teach us this in school, Dad? It’s so valuable!” I also ask myself the same question.

After reading “Rich Dad,” I started taking an interest in personal finance. I mainly wanted to get better at managing my own money and to use real estate as my long-term retirement plan. I’ll explain in a bit.

Millenial Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are mine only and based on my own experiences and not meant as financial advice. I’d advise you to make your own decisions!

Whew! Got that out of the way.