Preparing for special operations selection is a balancing act between pushing yourself to your limits and not going overboard to the point that you break yourself before you even make it to training.

I think that one of those things that people have a tendency to go over the top on is running. They feel as though they need to run 100 miles a week to have a chance in hell at making it through selection. I realize that each pipeline is different, and I’m only speaking from personal experience. When I was getting ready for selection, we were told we should be running 25-50 miles a week.

Well, I don’t really like running, never have, never will, nonetheless I can say I managed to get pretty good at it. But, I can promise you that until I was in training, I wasn’t running 25 miles, 35 miles, or 50 miles a week. I was probably more at 10-15 miles per week.

How to Safely Increase Your Running Ability for Selection
U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Mykel Thaete, Advanced Infantry Training Battalion (AITB), School of Infantry West (SOI-W) detachment Hawaii, runs for concealment after popping an M18 green smoke hand grenade on Kahuku Training Area, Oahu, Hawaii, May 19, 2010. (Photo by Cpl. Jody Lee Smith/DVIDS)

When I was going through SWCC training, we had to do long-distance soft-sand beach runs, fast three-mile runs on hard sand, sprints, and of course, we had to “double time” everywhere we went. Needless to say, we wracked up some serious miles during selection.