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OK, so now it is time to hit that SEND button. So far, we have looked at some of the in’s and out’s of USAJOBS, the online venue that most folks use to search and apply for U.S. government jobs. Two things should be noted here. First, USAJOBS is only one of the ways that people search for government jobs (there is also, etc.) and many have found success using them. Some sites, such as, allow you to search for jobs on the local (state and city) level, while others advertise federal-level positions, but will redirect you back to USAJOBS to apply.

The point is, depending on what type of job you are looking for, use any or all of them. The second thing to note is that, while I have tried to give as detailed a look as possible at the site and how to use its features to your advantage, there are many other features and tips that I have not been able to touch on, mostly because these things pertain to jobs that are outside of the realm of intelligence (or Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System – DCIPS) jobs, and those are what I recruit for. Now it is time to wrap this up with some do’s and don’ts and final words of wisdom (loosely used term since it is coming from me).

Do’s and Don’ts

Here we go. (Please note that these are in no particular order, and that none is more important than the other. Except telling the truth on your resume—that goes without saying, I hope.) First up: