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Dedication for this work goes to NEWSREP’s own Sister, Ms. Joy B.

Little Sister didn’t do out-calls; only in-calls. She didn’t have a drivers license and didn’t know how even to drive. She had autism to a degree, sweet of intellect and difficult to talk to. She knew how to walk, though, and that’s what Biggs made her do when she wasn’t turning a stiff enough profit from her motel room through

Her presence on the street would modestly predictable, I say. Sunday she could (almost) invariably be found stumbling down Central Ave looking back constantly at every car that passed her for signals from a John. She always had her purse and wore the most absurd shoes for walking.

Little Sister seen here walking on an unusual street, one not at all know for streetwalkers.

Believe it or not, business was just slow on Sundays. Chalk it to the notion that Johns felt compunction enough to get a church credit with God, or perhaps get one of their hooker date credits knocked off their humanity list, all in an attempt to balance out the church-to-date credits. Ultimately John wants to face St. Pete with a list that is evenly balanced, or better yet at least lightly lopsided by one church credit.

That’s how Catholic guilt works; I’m Caucasian by birth and Catholic by compunction.

Little Sister just wasn’t really a monumental use to us being confined to an in-call scenario all day. Sure, I would phone-jilt her and find her motel and room, then sit there all day in a persistent stare mode until I with hope caught whoever showed up to feed and check on her. But I already had all the network players dead to rights.

Biggs’ car on one of his excursions to Colorado Spring. Biggs didn’t count on by good bud Green Beret MSG Billy Cox Hoopes living in the Springs. 

Little Sisters post just kept showing loyalty to 0530 and 1930 local ABA hrs., along with her other sisters. The doldrum prompted the sort of attention you might understand: