The market for pretty Russian women in the Middle East is strong.  I remember a wealthy Saudi man once told me that “Allah has no eyes in Bahrain.” or “الله لا عيون فى البحرين.”, he was referring to prostitution of course.

It’s also no secret to anyone in the military who has served in Bahrain that just outside the main US gate there are several Hotels that house Russian hookers. They’re literally under house arrest and not allowed to leave the confines of the hotel.

Human Trafficking & The Sex Trade in Bahrain

Back in 2000 I was passing through and me and the guys were doing a tour of the off limits clubs. I remember striking up a conversation with one of the ladies at the Panarama (not my first rodeo folks), a gorgeous Russian girl from Moscow. She explained to me that she and most girls are lured into the role of prostitute by false promises of making a lot of money in the hospitality industry abroad.