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Dedication for this work goes to Adam Cortez (Biggy-Small) Biggs, convicted trafficker of this essay’s protagonist.

Adam Cortez (Biggy-Small) Biggs looks out over the balcony of the motel where he trafficks multiple young women.

Little Sister appeared on with the rigid regularity of a trafficked little sister, her and her other sisters. I think there were five in all at the time. The sisters’ posts appeared at around 0530 every morning, and then again at about 1930 in the evenings. Their posts never varied in time stamp more than a minute among all five of them. Reason: all of their posts were done on their behalf by their trafficker.

Biggy-Small used his “Bottom Bitch” to affect the post of his harem on BackPage. The term bottom bitch is misleading, as it is actually his top girl, one who he is in a relationship with, has the most tenure in his trafficking network, and is trusted with her own car to handle the logistic requirements of his network: