Okay, a few of you were already aware of this, but the book is out on Amazon, as of Jun 6.  It’s been accepted in to the Smashwords Premium Catalog, which means it’s only a matter of time before the ebook is up on B&N and Apple.

The Link: Hunting in the Shadows

And for the Mafia, Chapter 2:

Mr. Haas was waiting for our guest when we walked into the safehouse.  I couldn’t tell if the guy looked relieved or even more terrified when he saw Haas standing by the door.

I suppose Haas was kind of scary, at least if you don’t deal in scary for a living.  He was a thin, hatchet faced man with pale skin, pale eyes, and black hair that always seemed to be immaculately combed, even out here.  He usually wore a suit, and tonight he was wearing slacks and a white shirt with a black tie.  It seemed a little incongruous in this setting, but it was just kind of his way.  I’d never seen him wear the khakis, polo shirt, and ball cap ensemble that Nick had dubbed the “CIA starter kit.”

Of course, Haas wasn’t CIA, at least not anymore, if he ever had been.  We hadn’t ever heard which three-letter agency he’d worked for before he became a spook-for-hire.  Of course, Haas was a cypher to us because he wasn’t one of our spooks.  He was on our employer’s payroll, not ours.

The year before, in the ending phases and aftermath of the East Africa job, Praetorian Security’s resident retired officer and Machiavelli, Tom Heinrich, had started up a Spooks-R-Us section of the company.  His reasoning had been that we had been thrown into a highly volatile situation without enough information, and he’d determined not to let that happen again.  As a result, we now had about a dozen former spooks on the payroll, from at least three different agencies.

But Haas wasn’t one of them.  He worked directly for Liberty Petroleum, and had been in Iraqi Kurdistan since before we had come aboard.