Our family moved every three years during my formative years. We were in Yokosuka, Japan, when President Kennedy was shot and killed. It was a Boy Scout Jamboree day. Our troop produced a display on first aid, and I staffed the booth. My uniform was ironed and creased, and my merit badge sash had fifteen neatly aligned badges of various colors and designs. My pocket rank patch was for First Class scout, with an eagle, an American flag shield, and two stars. At the bottom, it read, ‘Be Prepared.’

“What do you do when someone has a seizure and is biting his tongue?” probed a wandering scout.

“You take your belt off and put it between his teeth,” I responded, thinking instinctively.

“Oh. That would work,” he responded, impressed. It surprised me I came up with an answer. It was not in my first aid book.