In spite of the ceasefire brokered by Egypt between Israel and Hamas, tensions remain high and with good reason. More than 20 rockets have been launched at towns in southern Israel after the ceasefire and sporadic small arms firefights took place along the border.

Below, rockets being fired from Gaza into Israel.

The latest clash occurred earlier today (23 Nov) when a group of seemingly innocent civilians opened fired on an IDF patrol that was monitoring the border. The “civilians” ran and hid inside a farmer’s house. The IDF did not engage in order not to hurt the farmers.

Reservists are still on high alert. In the video below, young soldiers entertaining the reservists that are still waiting at a ready.

Israel hasn’t engaged Hamas targets after the ceasefire was set, but in response to the 20 rockets Israel did  hit the locations where the rockets were fired from.

As opposed to Hamas and Islamic Jihad random fire of rockets, Israel hits with pinpoint accuracy the targets. In the video below, the Hamas “police” HQ is hit.