After recent bloody clashes with Chinese troops over a disputed border area along what is known as the “Line of Actual Control” (LAC), India has now deployed its Special Forces units in Ladakh to prepare to defend its territory against further violence.

On June 15, the worst border fighting in nearly 60 years took place. Indian and Chinese troops clashed in the same disputed Ladakh region located high in the Himalayas. At least 20 Indian soldiers and up to 50 Chinese troops were killed in the fighting. Both sides accused the other of violating the LAC, the de facto border between the two countries.

In compliance with the provisions of a previously agreed upon pact aimed at stopping the escalation of any border skirmish to all-out conflict, neither the Indian nor Chinese troops were armed. So, the troops reverted to warfare akin to the Stone Age, as the two sides fought for nearly six hours with fists, rocks, iron bars, and whatever weapon they could pick up from the ground. Most of the dead were either bludgeoned to death or pushed off the high cliffs.

As a result, the Indian military has moved several Special Forces and airborne units from different areas of the country into Ladakh. They are now training for different scenarios with exercises meant to simulate what could transpire in another outbreak of hostilities between the two nations.