U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis didn’t get the usual pomp and circumstance when he traveled to Indonesia. Instead of a “dress-right-dress” style parade, he was met with soldiers shooting balloons from between one another’s legs, rolling in broken glass, and slashing a cucumber from the mouth of another soldier — just to name a few. They drank the blood of snakes and conducted flying elbows at walls of flaming bricks, all to the sound of beating drums in the background.

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in world, and Mattis has been trying to increase U.S.-Indonesia relations there. As ISIS’s presence wanes in the Middle East, they are constantly looking for footholds in Southeast Asia. Indonesian Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo told Reuters that there are ISIS sleeper cells in the majority of provinces in the country.

This is clearly just an exciting, impressing display made to entertain Mattis and those watching the video. Few people obviously expect Indonesian soldiers to one day need to elbow their way through flaming bricks or to be required to roll in broken glass. It was a show, and there is no doubt that it was an entertaining one.