Today, SOFREP Radio host and interviewer extraordinaire Aaron “Rad” Radl settles in for an in-depth interview with IDF Special Forces reservist and SOFREP contributor Corey Feldman, who has returned from a deployment to Gaza after fighting in the Israel-Hamas War.

In addition to being a warfighter and a businessman, Corey is also the author of A Line in the Sand: An American’s Story of Service and Sacrifice in the Israeli Special Forces.
Corey, an American, talks about what he was doing before October 7th and how he felt about that fateful day. Like many of us, he asks himself, “How could this happen?”
He notes that there were clear warning signs before the attacks, but somehow, they were missed.

Yet, for Corey and his comrades, there was no time to dwell on past mistakes. He says,

“We don’t look backwards. Our focus is on the mission ahead, protecting our people and bringing back the hostages.”

He describes how harrowing the reality of the war is at the “boots on the ground” level. He states, “We found rocket launchers in civilian homes, weapons hidden in schools and mosques. Hamas uses civilians as human shields, making our job incredibly difficult.”

In highlighting IDF’s operations, he describes the painstaking efforts taken by Israeli forces to minimize civilian casualties.

“Israel has done more to prevent civilian casualties in combat zones than any army in history,” he states. “We dropped flyers, used drones for announcements, and sent millions of text messages warning civilians.”