Welcome back to the Team Room.  Today, former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland talks about the unspoken understanding that special operations forces operators from various allied countries have with one another. It’s come to be referred to as the “bro nod,” the momentary eye contact and slight nodding of the head given when a fellow warrior is sporting, for example, the sword and wings of the British SAS  or the diving eagle carrying a lightning bolt worn by members of Polish GROM. It’s a subtle yet powerful sign of respect.

And speaking of GROM, Drago shares more tales of his time with them. He talks about “Drago’s accelerated English course” and “Drago’s trigger finger safety course.” The necessity of the second one makes me cringe a little bit, but when you are working with loaded weapons, nothing can be more unsettling than seeing someone running around with their finger on a trigger.

About his English training, Drago says, “In about five minutes, I had those motherfu**ers speaking English with better accents than I can say right now.”

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