Veteran and author Kamal Ravikant joins Rad, Brandon, and Charlie in the Team Room again, and he shares his wisdom about how he came from being homeless as a child to CEO of a tech start-up in Silicon Valley. Then, just as he seemed to have the world where he wanted it, he lost everything and had to rebuild again from scratch.

The guys discuss what it takes to be a man. Kamal believes, “To be a man, it takes having values, having honor, having loyalty…living your principles, having integrity.”  He notes that there are a lot of what he calls “grown boys” in New York City (where they are filming this episode) but not a lot of men. He notes that he caught a lot of crap for saying that, but he stands by his words. Charlie says, “There are not a lot of men left anywhere in the world. They don’t believe in raising men anymore.”

Then Charlie tells about his transition from the SEAL Teams to civilian life. He got out when he was 44 years old after more than two decades of service.  He at first worked at an exotic hunting ranch, then started his own company teaching people how to shoot, Charlie Mike Precision.

Sit back, watch the video, and listen to the whole story. You’ll be glad you did.