Welcome to SOFREP’s Inside the Team Room: US Army Rangers – Combat Stories.

With us once again are US Army Rangers Jack Murphy, Nick Irving, Isaiah Burkhart, and Clyde Carmody.

It’s funny what you remember from deployments. The guys recall drinking hot Rip It energy drinks that had been baking in the Iraqi sun on top of a military vehicle for hours. Energy drinks were a big thing in Iraq and Afghanistan, as they were given out free, like candy. Murphy shares a story about ordering his men to liberate large numbers of Red Bulls from a chow hall, prompting the people running the facility to have to put up signs basically telling the Rangers to “knock that shit off.”

And then, muffins became a big thing. Otis Spunkmeyer muffins, specifically. Clyde shares a funny story about how he became the muffin man and how people would come to him when their sweet tooth kicked in.