Xinjiang, the restive northwestern province of China, experienced yet another attack by Uighur separatists this past Sunday. Rocked by a series of explosive detonations, initial reports stated that two civilians were reported killed in the blasts. The New York Times reported:

The blasts, which occurred Sunday, were the latest outbreak of violence to hit Xinjiang despite increasingly tight security. The government-run Tianshan news portal reported three separate explosions in Luntai County, southwest of the regional capital, Urumqi, but the website provided little detail.

The explosions occurred on the same day that 17 officials in southern Xinjiang were punished for failing to prevent a series of attacks in July that left almost 100 people dead, including the imam of the largest mosque in China. (Dan Levin, The New York Times, September 22)

The attacks, which reportedly occurred at 5:00 p.m. local time on Sunday, appear to substantiate assessments of a trending surge in separatist violence in Xinjiang. The latest incident marks a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict in Xinjiang. Reports later in the week, cited by Chinese state media, claimed upwards of 50 deaths in the wake of the attacks. Among these deaths were 40 characterized as “rioters””